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What Is Green Building and Why Is It Important?

by • September 10, 2013 • Green Building, slider, Smart Homes, Solar PanelsComments Off on What Is Green Building and Why Is It Important?7150

Editor’s note: This is the second article in the five-part 360Value Green Building Article Series. The goal of the series is to inform insurance professionals about the growing green building trend and how it may affect insurers in the future. The 360Value team has a comprehensive understanding of green building techniques and is actively studying...

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Net-Zero Homes Need Labeling, Instruction Manuals

September 10, 2013 • Green Building, Net Zero Homes, Smart Homes, Solar Panels, Sustainable Homes6407

Net-zero homes need clear labeling to attract homebuyers and an instruction manual for when they are sold, according to NIST. By Candace Pearson Though this looks like a typical suburban home, it is actually a net-zero test home in which robots simulate the...

From Smart House to Networked Home

September 10, 2013 • Innovative Homes, Smart Homes14651

By Chris Carbone and Kristin Nauth Two foresight specialists describe how tomorrow’s integrated, networked, and aware home systems may change your family life. In the last decade, a range of digital technologies and services have hit the market and moved...

What is the Real Smart Home?

September 10, 2013 • Smart Homes5688

You are ready and packed to leave on a holiday trip and for the first time, you agreed that your teenage son can stay home alone. The control freak in you is already making long lists of daily and weekly tasks and to-do’s to keep the pets and plants alive,...

Smart homes for the smart grid

September 10, 2013 • Green Building, Net Zero Homes, Smart Homes, Sustainable Homes4400

by Gene Wang The grid has gotten smarter over the last few years, but it has not captured the imagination of mainstream consumers.  Why?  It’s because most people can’t figure out how the smart grid improves their daily lives.   For example, smart...

This smart home in Utah hits a bold new benchmark: Net zero energy consumption

September 10, 2013 • Net Zero Homes, Smart Homes5678

Michael Brown @brownieshq Aug 1, 2013 9:00 AM print The problem with the proverbial Home of the Future is that it’s usually just that: A dreamy concept that we’ll all live in some day, but that’s just too expensive and, well, conceptual to be practical...

10 Awesome Ways to Take Advantage of Smart Home Technology

September 10, 2013 • Innovative Homes, Smart Homes4826

In our ever-changing hi-technology world it seems like everyone is turning to “smart” technology. From the phone and tablet you carry in your pocket to controlling your home’s heating and air conditioning while away on vacation on a tropical beach,...

Smart homes could be new targets for cyber-crime

September 9, 2013 • Innovative Homes, Smart Homes4698

Author: Curtis Silver Published: August 06, 2013 at 7:45 am Cyber-crime has always been a subject of much paranoia and fear in the digital age. From hacking emails to stealing entire identities to breaking into government systems, cyber-crime has become a...